About Clair
Our mission is to help people discover their inner musician by removing the barriers that obstruct learning. We are a team of two recent graduates who understand the impact music has had on our lives and simply want to help you do the same.
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Esteban Suarez

Co-founder, CEO

After earning a degree in Biology and Chemistry from Duke University, I took a hard right turn towards a lifelong passion: playing music. Harrison and I co-founded Clair because of our shared love and curiosity for piano.  In school, I often focused on the physiological benefits of playing and listening to music.  Looking back, I always hoped to turn my passion for music into my profession.

Harrison Taee

Co-founder CTO

With a degree in computer science and an eye for design, I have always been fascinated by products that catch the eye and make a difference. Combine this with a deep passion for music and therein lies the inspiration for Clair. I’ve played piano & guitar for close to two decades now and it’s lead me to believe that there really is nothing quite like music.