Access Roles - the Gatekeepers

Access roles (Owners, Currators, and Members) create a hierarchy of who can add information and invite other users within a music space. By default, you are the owner of spaces you create - but how do change these access roles & what power do they grant you?

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Editing Roles

If you swipe to the right side of the app, you can see the members listed in a space. By tapping on yourself or any other member in this space, you can see practice analytics and their role within the space. There are three access roles:

  1. Owner - the crown icon
  2. Curator - the chef hat icon
  3. Member - the graduation cap icon

As a rule, you can only change the access role of people who are beneath you. Moreover, only owners and curators are able to add sheet music to a music space. Members are viewers rather than creators. Lastly, anyone who has just been added to a space starts out as a member - so make sure to change their access role if you want them to be able to edit a space with you.

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Owners are the highest on the totem pole. The only added value owners have is to elevate curators/members to owners. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Swipe to the right-hand panel of the app so you can see the "@memberName" within the space
  2. Tap on any member
  3. Tap "Update Role"
  4. Select the Role you want to update them to

Now that this person is a co-owner of a space, they have the power to demote you all the way down to a member. Be cautious of this before granting someone ultimate power over your music repertoire!!

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Curators are second in line to ultimate power. They have the ability to add pieces of music, create new channels, and demote/promote members. Their one limitation is that they cannot change the access role of the space owner. In order for curators to be created, an owner has to click on a newly added member and elevate their status. Follow the steps above to do this

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Members are viewers of a space. Aside from being able to see how others interact within a space message in channels, they have no power to add music, create new channels, or update anyone's role.

Elevating your role

You can send a message to any chat channel calling out the owner/curator "@owne/curator" to update your role. This will send the owner a notification and help him or her elevate your status. If you don't know who the owner/curator is, follow these steps:

  1. Swipe to the right-most pannel of the app
  2. Scroll to the top to see "curators"
  3. Make a note of their handle "@name"
  4. Message them from within a channel


Access roles are the gates to change within ClairSpaces. Yet, it creates a new balance where anyone can be a teacher and anyone can be a learner.

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