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Our mission is to create a bespoke home for music learning. Creating a music space lets your centralize your music repertoire, your tools, your goals, and your people.

Download the stats for this article

Download the stats for this article

<h2 id=""><strong id="">Pieces & Playlists</strong></h2><p id="">The foundation of music learning is having your sheet music centralized in one place. Yet, for us, that’s half the battle. Having everything in one place is only useful if you can find what you’re looking for. </p><p id="">So… we created playlists. Think of playlists as genres for your music, folders made for your organization.  </p><h3 id=""><strong id="">Bulk Add</strong></h3><p id="">Adding pieces in bulk is available by emailing us a zipped copy of your music folder.  We’ll take this folder and add the same structure as your playlists.  After you email us, we’ll get your space tip-top within 48 hours!  ~ A Note ~ a zipped file is a compressed folder.  Compress your folder by right-clicking on a folder and then hitting compress. </p><p id="">Our system limitations are twofold: we only support one layer of the organization (no folders within folders), and we only offer four playlists.  We plan to expand on these limitations as we engage with the market. </p>

Download the stats for this article

<h2 id=""><strong id="">Tools & Demo Videos</strong></h2><p id="">Our mission is to be a bespoke home for music learning - a home has everything you need to bake your cake! For us, that means integrating all of the tools, demos, and music resources you need.  We offer 4 tools at this point: </p><ol id=""><li id="">Demo Video: Per piece</li><li id="">Tuner • Elegant & Simple</li><li id="">Metronome • Elegant & Simple</li><li id="">Focus Mode • Pomodoro Focus Method with Tasks</li></ol>

Download the stats for this article

<h2 id=""><strong id="">Collaborative Features</strong></h2><p id="">A home is only as fun as the energy and people within.  Collaboration is our white whale, our moby dick that we’ll always be chasing.  Currently, we let you add a zoom link within your space and collaborate within PDFs.  Though, our coming product will allow users to see each other practice and collaborate in real-time within the music material. If you are interested in signing up for this new product visit <a href="" id=""></a> to learn more. </p><h3 id=""><strong id="">Sharing</strong></h3><p id="">You can easily share any space by pressing the share button on the top right of any space.  When you share this link through iMessage or online, it will appear with the open graph image you gave on creation. </p>


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