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June 12, 2023

Getting Started with Clair Music

ClairMusic is a collaborative repertoire. This support article will give your an overview of the ClairMusic app and how to:

1. Add your music

2. Add your community

3. Message

4. Collaborate

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What is ClairMusic

ClairMusic is a communication platform designed for musicians, hobbyists, and their communities to connect, chat, and collaborate. Whether you're a pro, a student, or part of a band, ClairMusic offers a versatile and feature-rich environment to stay connected and engaged in practice. To get started, create an account on ClairMusic by downloading the ClairMusic app on your iOS device ( Once you've signed up, you can join a music space based on your interests or create your own. Spaces are like collaborative repertoires where you can learn pieces with other musicians. So dive in, explore the different spaces and communities, and connect with people who share your passions and interests!

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Adding Music

If you see a blank app, not to worry! In this section, we'll walk through how to add sheet music to your app, or if you want to explore our library of music, click here. To add your personal pieces to the app, follow these steps.

  1. Click on the (+) button next to the name "PIECES". This lives on the leftmost panel of the app.
  2. Select your sheet music (a .pdf file) from the filing system of your local device.
  3. Name the piece
  4. Hit "Create Piece"

Stuck on Step 1?

If you cannot see the (+) next to "pieces" and "channels", this means that you are not the owner or curator of a space. To be able to add music to a space, you must first ask the owner/curator of the space to elevate your access role. Refer to the access roles support article for further information on how to do this.

Stuck on Step 2?

If you cannot add pdf files from your device, it either means that you do not have any pdfs on your devices or it means that iCloud is not enabled. iCloud syncs files saved on your other apple devices. Please refer to Apple's setup guide for further information on how to get started with iCloud. Alternatively, you may just not have any pdfs saved to your device - and you don't have to! Visit our explore page to find new spaces and pieces - link here!

Stuck on Steps 3-4?

If you're having trouble with these two steps, either your keyboard is faulty, or there is a major bug on our end! Please email us here, and we'll fix it right away! 🥳

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Adding Community

Channels let you message groups or individuals. These channels support messages, video files, and emoji reactions. There is a lot of communication that happens outside of an app ( on iMessage, WhatsApp, etc ) and our goal is to always help you link those message to the music you're talking about.

Join an Existing Community

Request an invitation link from the music space administrators or find public invitation links shared online. Once you have the invitation link, click on it, and the ClairMusic app will instantly add you to the space. Once you're in, introduce yourself, explore the channels, and engage with other members.

Invite Someone

Click on the "invite users", located below your music space's title. This will generate a link you can email, text, or airdrop to someone else. Note: They must have the app downloaded to be able to accept an invitation link.

ClairMusic provides various tools to make your experience enjoyable, such as customizable notification settings, moderation features, and integrations with other apps and services. So dive in, explore different music spaces and communities, and connect with people who share your passions and interests!

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ClairMusic provides a seamless messaging experience that keeps you connected with your music communities. In ClairMusic, you can engage in real-time conversations through text channels. These channels are organized within spaces and offer dedicated spaces for specific topics, interests, or purposes. You can easily send messages and reactions and even share videos within chat channels.

Linking Messaging with Repertoire

Clair Music offers robust features like @mentions to link pieces of music within chat channels. For example, if you have "Perfect" in your repertoire and start typing "@Perf..." you will see an option to select that piece. This text will then be hyperlinked to Perfect!

Linking Practice with Messaging

When practising, you can record an audio file from within the piece and share it with a chat channel. This audio message now links back to the piece you took it in. Our goal is to connect how we communicate and practice seamlessly.


ClairMusic serves as a powerful platform that supports and connects musicians. This is shown best through how we connect practice with communication. You can take and send recordings from within a piece of music. Moreover, those recordings will then be linked back to the piece.

Our mission is to make technology that fades into the background while helping us learn better. While your sheet music will always look clean and simple, it will be connected to all of your tools and all of your community.

Esteban Suarez

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