Sheet Music Re-Imagined

After learning a piece of music, your sheet music often looks mangled. The page is riddled with numerous markings, annotations written over annotations, and written over smudges. There is so much support we add to our music, yet there is no great way to store and organise it. Our pieces are changing that.

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Within Pieces

Our pieces capture everything you use to learn them.

Pieces Come With

  1. Pdf File
  2. Demo Videos (x5)
  3. Shared Notes
  4. Practice Analytics
  5. Practice tools
  6. Collaborative Annotations (in beta)
  7. Sections (in Beta)

There is a story written within a piece of music, and our goal is to help capture it to then help someone else later. Tools like annotations, demo videos, and sections are meant to support users during their practice. On the other hand, recordings, metronomes, and practice time create rich analytics to reward milestones and share the journey of learning a piece.

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Adding Pieces

Adding pieces is how you make your music space your own. Let's go through the simple steps to do this as well as the bit falls.

  1. Click on the (+) button next to the name "PIECES". This lives on the leftmost panel of the app.
  2. Select your sheet music (a .pdf file) from the filing system of your local device.
  3. Name the piece
  4. Hit "Create Piece"

Stuck on Step 1?

If you cannot see the (+) next to "pieces" and "channels", this means that you are not the owner or curator of a space. To be able to add music to a space, you must first ask the owner/curator of the space to elevate your access role. Refer to the access roles support article for further information on how to do this.

Stuck on Step 2?

If you cannot add pdf files from your device, it either means that you do not have any pdfs on your devices or it means that iCloud is not enabled. iCloud syncs files saved on your other Apple devices. Please refer to Apple's setup guide for further information on how to get started with iCloud. Alternatively, you may just not have any pdfs saved to your device - and you don't have to! Visit our explore page to find new spaces and pieces - link here!

Stuck on Steps 3-4?

If you're having trouble with these two steps, either your keyboard is faulty, or there is a major bug on our end! Please email us here, and we'll fix it right away! ­čą│

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Linking is a two-way street from your sheet music to your community. To see linking in action...

  1. Taking an audio recording within a piece
  2. Tap the waveform to finish the recording
  3. Notice a modal with "@pieceName" already there
  4. Select a channel to send the audio message
  5. Add any additional text & press send!

Now, the message you just sent will link back to the piece! Do this in combination with "@userName" to notify a user of an audio recording you just created.

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There is so much work put into sheet music. Our mission is to help you understand that journey while capturing notes to help future learners.

To summarize, pieces bring together everything you need to practice, better connect to your community, and reward your progress milestones along the way!

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