Spaces centralize musical life - sheet music, demo videos, tools, and community. Spaces come in two flavors • public and private.

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Download the stats for this article

<h2 id=""><strong id="">Discovering a Space</strong></h2><p id="">Imagine a space…a space where everything you need to practice is a click away, where you can collaborate with other musicians and share progress. All the ‘fluffy’ nonsense aside, a space is a place for you to practice. Private spaces let you customize your experience while public ones are curated. Our mission is to create the best practice experience bespoke for every single musician. </p><p id="">‍</p>

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<h2 id=""><strong id="">Creating & Customizing Your Space</strong></h2><p id="">You can customize the content when you create a space or join a private one.  Private spaces let you add: </p><p id="">‍</p><ol id=""><li id="">Pieces • pdf files</li><li id="">Playlists • organization </li><li id="">Zoom links • conferencing </li><li id="">Demo Videos • per piece</li><li id="">Customize Your Profile • Name & Image </li></ol><p id="">‍</p><p id="">Public spaces are made to show you the look and feel of an entire space.  Yet, we want to make every space unique to you if you're going to bulk-add music to the platform email with a zip file or follow the instructions on the platform. </p><p id="">‍</p>

Download the stats for this article

<h2 id=""><strong id="">Collaborative Features of a Space</strong></h2><p id="">Our one true mission is to make this a place for communities to thrive.  From collaborative annotation to integrating live chat, we are working on solutions to leverage the power of the internet within existing music communities. </p><p id="">‍</p>


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