Spaces. The All-New Collaborative Repertoire

Clair Spaces bring together music and music communities. Music is a communal activity, yet being a musician and practising is incredibly lonely. Spaces create an environment where learning can be collaborative. Let's dive into the fundamentals of spaces, how they work, and how you can get yours started.

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Creating Spaces

After signing up, the app is a blank canvas for you to create new music spaces. Spaces are made through two fundamental building blocks - adding pieces and adding your music community. The benefit of adding everything in one place is that these resources become collaborative! Multiple people can add pieces into one space without restriction. A community, rather than an individual, can view demo videos and notes. And finally, there are channels which make communication quick, easy, and supportive.

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Inside Spaces

The building blocks of Clair Spaces are pieces and channels. Pieces combine your practice resources around sheet music, while channels are messaging channels for your music community. Here is a little breakdown of everything you can do within each:

Pieces Come With

  1. Pdf File
  2. Demo Videos (x5)
  3. Shared Notes
  4. Practice Analytics
  5. Collaborative Annotations (in beta)

Channels Come With

  1. Video messaging
  2. reactions
  3. "@user" callouts
  4. Audio recordings

The secret sauce behind these music spaces is that pieces and channels link together. You can send audio files to channels directly from a piece of music while also being able to reference a piece of sheet music from a message.

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Join & Invite

You can invite users by clicking on the "Invite users" located right beneath your space name. This will open up a share modal allowing you to:

  1. Airdrop
  2. Email
  3. Message
  4. Share via 3rd party apps

This link will work as long as the recipient has the app downloaded and has signed up.

Alternatively, if you want your studio or college to have an online base for all of your music spaces - like Guildhall - email me at, and we'll set that up for you!

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Spaces link your practice with your community. We believe that lifelong musicians are created when we play music together. Download the app here to get started with your new space, or join one from our library through the Discover page!

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