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Customize Your Profile

Clair is a musician’s profile: your repertoire (sheet music, videos, images, and inspiration) curated and organized by you.  We’ve prioritised personalization because investing into the look, feel, and organization of your pieces readies the mind to start learning.  It can sometimes take months to learn a piece, Clair helps you start before you even play a note.

Inspiration and Aesthetics

There is a customizable background image for every piece and profile. Click on the three dots, tap ‘background’ to change the image, select one & voila! Give each & every piece the look you want! 

Under every user/song profile, you are asked about inspiration.  While you may not change your inspiration too often, it is valuable to understand the ‘why’ before you start a journey.


Song/ Goal Tags allow you to organize your repertoire into someday, learning & flow.  Organizing both pieces and sections put what you value at an arm's reach.  This is not only helpful to structure your practice but adds clarity for the journey to come. 


You are not given a library of sheet music when you enter Clair.  Instead, it lets you import and grow your own personal library of music.  Each piece of sheet music can be partnered with a youtube video and sectioned accordingly so that you can fully organize and control your learning process.

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