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Sheet Music

Sheet music is an essential tool when learning a new piece.  We use sheet music as the primary way to section and organize your practice.  Through this article we will discuss how to find quality music, import them into Clair, and section them to better organize your practice. 

Accessing Music 

Musescore and MusicNotes are our top recommended sites for sheet music.  Although, for a more comprehensive list of places to get sheet music, click here. 

  1. Musescore has great quality & free music.  However, it does not have everything. 
  2. Musicnotes is the industry standard for great quality music with pieces ranging from $5.99 to $9.99 usd. 


Importing may be tricky at first, but after you do it once, it’s a breeze. 

First. access any pdf document online and save it to the filing system on your phone  (Airdrop it, text it, email it, or save it to your desktop with icloud turned on)  You may also email us the pdf with your first name and we’ll upload it to your profile!  

Now, go to the profile of any piece and click the material button.  Tap the big plus button and select the sheet you just saved to your filing system.  At this point we’ll be working as fast as we can to convert your music into the app!  (We’re sorry about this lag time. We’re working on a way to automate this process but for now all of your pieces will be hand delivered!) 

Once we convert your pdf, you’ll always be able to access your music through your profile! 


This is where the magic happens! Create a new goal by clicking on the plus icon at the bottom of a piece’s profile.  When asked, click “select measures” and then drag the red box around the section you’re learning.  This box saves the measures you selected and displays it independently from the whole piece. You can always edit the measures of a goal by holding down on the goal and then repositioning the box. 

This process is more important than just isolating a goal. Sectioning helps you define and organize your journey through a piece.  Moreover, choosing a small, achievable goal is the first step of our red button practice method. 

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