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Learning Tags

Clair’s tags are meant to organize the pieces and goals of your repertoire.  ‘Someday’ are the upcoming pieces/sections you want to learn, ‘learning’ defines items you’re actively practicing, and achieving ‘flow’ is when you no longer have to think about the notes, you’re just playing.  Changing tags on pieces allows you to organize your repertoire and thought process when practicing.  


As a musician myself, I have quite a few pieces on the backburner.  (romantic flight- How to Train your Dragon, Oogway Ascends - kung fu panda,  Your Song elton john…. etc) . The beauty of the ‘someday’ tag is that you can plan for the future but hide them for now.  When you eventually change ‘someday’ to ‘learning’ this means you are ready to start learning that piece.


The ‘learning’ tag centralizes the pieces and sections that you are committed to practicing in the present.  Practice is hard.  Having a clear mind of what sections you’re focusing on can turn practice into play faster. 


What is the difference between practice and play?  Well, its ‘flow’... muscle memory... the moment when you no longer have to think and you can just focus on feeling the music.  Flow is an important tag because it marks the end of intentional practice.  Once you change that tag to flow, you’ve done it!  A flow state is something to fall back on to regenerate passion and energy.

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