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Learning Timeline

Your timeline is your journey through a piece.  When asked the question, “how long did it take you to learn that piece?” the answer is never too clear.  Our timeline answers that question and provides memories from the journey.  This article will discuss how to add time and posts to your timeline.  

Adding Time

All time is recorded through our practice method.  This is accessed by first clicking on the red button, selecting a goal, and then setting a timer. All of the time you accumulate in a practice session will get added to your timeline, unless you tap ‘Delete Session’ in the timer dropdown. 

  • To have the practice time count towards your total without having to add a performance, Tap “Finish session” in the timer menu dropdown.
  • To have both, tap “Go to test” and add a performance. You’ll see this performance along with the cumulative practice time. 

Adding a Post

Adding a post happens on the performance screen.  This screen gives you three shots to record what you just practiced.  After choosing the one you like most, press that “add to timeline” button.  There ya go! You’ve added a video and time to your timeline. 

Tips: Recording yourself is nervous but worthwhile.  Our practice method finishes with adding a post because it is one of the most effective ways to learn and reflect. It also makes you focus more during the practice session.

Accessing the Timeline

All Pieces • Entering the practice screen through the home screen shows you the timeline for all your pieces.  At this point you can click on the dropdown to filter the posts for individual pieces. 

Piece Specific • tapping on the timeline button inside a piece profile or the time icon beneath a piece bubble prefilters your timeline.  Once inside, you can always access other timelines by changing the top dropdown.

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