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Demo Video

Over half of the musicians we talked to use youtube for both inspiration and as a reference when practicing. For this reason, we’ve created an easy system to view youtube videos alongside your sheet music.  Through this article we’ll cover how to import, section, and control your youtube videos in Clair.  

Importing Youtube Videos

  1. Grab the youtube link of the video you want. This can be done in a couple ways:
  1. Either grab it from a browser... 
  2. ...or within the youtube app
  1. Open the youtube app and find your video.
  2. Click share and copy the link.
  1. Open Clair and go to your desired project.
  2. Open the material section and toggle to the ‘video’ page. 
  3. Paste the link into the youtube text input and you’re done! 

While it can take a few moments to upload, that’s all you need to do!

*Note: if you want to reset the youtube video, use the [insert icon] menu within the project screen, where you’ll see a reset demo option [insert icon].

Section Videos

Once you’ve created sections within a piece, you can start by setting checkpoints within the video: 

  1. While in the project screen tap on the desired section (it should take you to the correct place in the sheet music) and toggle to the video.
  2. Scroll or double tap (left and right to skip by a few seconds) to the desired place in the video. 
  3. Once you’ve found the right place in the video, tap the [insert icon] icon to set that checkpoint.
  4. A pop up will greet you and once you press “okay” this section will always start at that time when selecting it from the dropdown. 

Video Controls

There are three main controls:  

  1. Play/ Pause: Tap on the center of the video
  2. Jump back and forwards 3 seconds: double tap on either side
  3. Scrub through the video - drag the slider in the bottom left toolbar.

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