Keep everyone on the same page.

There is a story written in sheet music... demo videos, annotations, assignments. Capture it.

Connecting sheet music with messaging.

Audio recordings can be shared to channels from within the sheet music. There, your message is linked back to the piece.

Say it better with @links

Chat with your friends, send messages, audio recordings, videos, notes and more. This works seamlessly with pieces!

From here, messages work just like anything else. Comment, reply, or send reactions 🤘
pieces •

Analytics give you a window into practice

Tap on a friend, a piece, or your profile to see practice analytics. Practice is a story untold, here's to changing that.

We track practice to reward your milestones!
Voice Recording
Demo Videos
Page Scrolling

Spaces are collaborative repertoires

Spaces bring together all of your music and people into a collaborative repertoires.
Voice Recordings

Record & share from within practice.

Voice recordings connect your practice to your community. They can be shared to a specific channel or saved.
Demo Videos

Link your demos to your sheet music

Demo videos live within your sheet music. You can have multiple videos for the same piece with no ads.

Metronome that remembers

Your metronome remembers where you left it.  As you learn a piece, our analytics will show you your metronome progress.
Page Scrolling

Smooth page scrolling.

Choose to scroll, swipe or tap for one page or viewing two pages. Coming soon the ability to add a foot pedal.
Sharing made simple

Share here, there,
and everywhere.

Shareable links make it easy to keep everyone on the same page.
Messaging •

One Click Share

With one click, you can share your repertoire or add friends. If your friend has the app downloaded, a new space pops up instantly.
Curator •

Anyone can be a teacher

Each space has different levels of ownership. Owners and curators can add sheet music, while members can can only view what's inside a space.

Create your new collaborative repertoire.

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